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Our Vision

Connecting the Valley to Christ

The vision is the stated goal of the church, and our stated goal is to connect everyone in the Lower Yakima Valley to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  First, we want to connect people to Christ.  That means actively being involved in the kinds of relationships and activities as individuals and as a church that help people who either don’t know Jesus or are “disconnected” from God for any reason, enter into a relationship with him.  Second, the valley is a broad term but means everyone in our immediate community and the Lower Yakima Valley.  A spiritually healthy church that is sharing the gospel with its community will start to also reflect the ethnic diversity of the community.  Third, it is ultimately, Jesus Christ who we desire to connect people with so that they know the same love, grace, and peace that we experience. 

Our Mission

To help children, families and individuals believe and belong through relevant and engaging children’s, youth, and adult ministries 


Our mission is how we achieve our vision of connecting the valley to Christ. The mission is to help families and individuals believe and belong to the church. One primary way to do this is through relevant and engaging children and youth programs and ministries that reach out with the love of Jesus.  Since almost half of this community is under the age of 18, we have a tremendous opportunity to provide children’s programs and ministries that reach out and provide connection points with both the children and their parents.  

Helping people believe in Jesus and belong to his body, the church, requires not only the intentionality of well developed and staffed children and youth ministries.  It also requires ministries the enfold parents and individuals in a way that helps teach and disciple them about Jesus and helps them experience his love and grace.  

Our Why

Experiencing and sharing the peace and love of Jesus

Our why is because we love Jesus.  He first loved us and we want to share his love, grace and peace.  Our philosophy or mindset in this is that because we know and experience the peace of Jesus Christ, we also want to share the peace of Jesus Christ with others.  We know that we have been saved by grace through faith, and through faith we can and do experience the grace, love, and peace of Jesus Christ.  We also feel called to not only grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ but to share that grace and knowledge so that others too may come to know his grace, his love, and his peace.

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