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We are excited to be able to minister to you and your family as you use the nursery!  At Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church we offer two different nurseries, Infants and Toddlers. Both are staffed by volunteers from our congregation and children are welcome to join anytime during the worship service.

The infant nursery is for newborns through walking children.

The toddler nursery is for children who are walking through 3 years old, older kids are welcome to join Children's worship or Sunday School.

Parents’ Guide to Using our Nursery


Infants & Toddlers

  • Children can start whenever you feel comfortable and can attend up to 2 years 12 months old

  • Children who are 3 years old need to remain in the service until Children in Worship begins

Children in Worship

  • 3 years old to kindergarten

Checking IN & OUT

  • Every child needs to be signed in using our computer program

  • Please provide a contact number in the “Notes” section that we can reach you if needed

  • Please use the “Notes” section for any of the following information:

    • If you would prefer to be contacted when your child needs a diaper change

    • Any and ALL allergies

    • Bottle feeding instructions

    • Preference on whether you would like your child to stay inside versus playing outside

  • Please note that we will only be releasing children to an adult. We want to ensure that all children are cared for properly and we will not release nursery children to older siblings

  • Please attempt to pick up your child as close to dismissal as possible

What to bring:

  • Please feel free to bring a diaper bag labeled with your child’s name

  • If you do not have a label the nursery will provide a clip-on tag that can be used from week to week

  • Extra Diapers

  • Made up bottles or sippy cups labeled with the child’s name

  • Change of clothes, especially for potty training toddlers

  • Pacifier (labeled or clipped on, please)

  • NO medication will be given to any child in the nursery except where parental consent is given through written permission on the registration form AND only for emergency situations, for example, where an epi-pen is needed for allergies


Most importantly: Please label all of your child's items to prevent them from being lost, misplaced or handled by another child accidentally.


Healthy Children Policy:


In order to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your children and our nursery volunteers, please do not bring your child to nursery if he/she has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:

  • Diarrhea or vomiting 

  • Vomiting

  • Fever (100 or above)

  • Undiagnosed rash

  • Open sores

  • Runny nose (anything but “clear”)

  • Discharge in and around the eye(s)

  • Head Lice

  • Constant/Regular coughing or Croup

Infectious Disease Outbreaks


When there is a potential outbreak of infectious disease the SCRC nursery committee will notify ALL parents of the outbreak so that each family can make the best decision on whether or not they feel comfortable in attending and using our nursery.

Further, should there be an obvious infectious disease present in a child during nursery volunteers should follow the listed protocol:

Isolation- Isolate a child who is demonstrating symptoms of contagious childhood disease and contact the child’s parent to pick him or her up. If a child develops an infectious disease at home, after they have been in the nursery, we request that you notify the nursery committee.

Notification- If we are made aware of a potentially infectious disease at our facility, we will notify parents of children who may have been exposed so they can monitor their child’s health.

Exclusion- To protect children who are not immunized, we will consider excluding non-immunized children and unvaccinated workers from the nursery during a contagious disease outbreak. This would be done via notification to ALL parents, as we do not require verification of vaccination to attend nursery.


Clean Toy & Nursery Policy

  • The nursery is cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that our children are in the healthiest environment possible. During the cold and flu season, the nursery is cleaned deeply every month. All hard surfaces are cleaned with a disinfectant and all washable items are sent through a high-heat clean

  • During summer months, the nursery is deep cleaned about every 6-8 weeks

  • Carpets are cleaned once a month


Volunteers Guide


  • We ask that all parents who use the nursery for their children volunteer at least 6 times per year

  • All volunteers will need to submit a background check

  • Nursery volunteers are chosen based on the church’s protection policy

  • Please be mindful of the Sunday you have been scheduled. IF you are unable to make your commitment, please use the substitute list that has been provided or make arrangements to switch days with another approved volunteer. The Facebook page can assist you in making these arrangements

  • Arrive as close as possible to 10:15 AM to assist families in checking in their children

  • 1 Volunteer will greet families at the counter and remind them to sign in and to please leave a contact number

  • 1 Volunteer will welcome the children into the nursery

  • Adults must be in charge of the nursery and be monitoring children at all times

  • Nursery volunteers must not take a child from the nursery to another part of the church

  • A volunteer taking a toddler-aged child to the restroom will leave the stall door open when assisting the child

  • Should an accident occur (non-diapered child) please contact the parent to change the child

  • Check the parent notes for diaper changing preference (ex: would the parent prefer to be contacted to change their child’s diaper)

  • Two volunteers need to be present when changing a diaper

  • Two non-related adults will be scheduled and adult male volunteers will not be scheduled with children ages birth up to 3 years old due to staffing nursery with 2 adults at this time


Outdoor play

  • Children under 1 should not be allowed to play outside. Please keep them playing in the nursery area

  • Children over 1 need to be properly dressed for all weather types to play outside (ex: if a child does not have a coat during nice winter days please keep them inside)



  • Once service dismisses please DO NOT release children to anyone other than their parent (IE: do not release children to older siblings)

  • Please have older children (ie: school aged) wait outside the nursery until the babies are gone so that we can prevent unnecessary injuries to our babies

  • Please pick up the toys and return them to the shelves

  • Two volunteers will remain in the nursery until all children have been dismissed

  • Please make sure that both exterior doors are in the locked position before leaving for the day

Diapering / Toileting

Contact the parent if at all possible to change their child’s diaper. IF unavailable use the following protocol: 

    • Two volunteers present in the room
    • Use the diapers provided by the parent unless none are available
    • Use a gloved hand when changing a diaper
    • Bag all diapers and dispose of properly
    • Wash hands thoroughly between all diaper changes
    • Wipe down the diaper changing station with antibacterial wipes in between changes

    • Two volunteers present in the room and the door to the restroom must remain open during assists
    • Wash hands thoroughly between all assists to the restroom
    • Should an accident occur (non-diapered child), please contact the parent using the phone number provided


Nursery Handbook for Jr. Helpers


  • Jr. Helpers must be at least 10 years old to help in our nursery

  • Jr. Helpers can be either male or female

  • There will be up to 3 Jr. Helpers at a time

  • Please understand that at times there is not a need for as many Jr. Helpers that have been assigned. There may be times where you should return to service with your family, rather than be in the nursery when there aren’t that many babies & children

  • Please make sure that you arrive as close as possible to the start of our service

  • If you cannot help out in our nursery on your given day please find your own replacement from the list of approved Jr. Helpers. Our Facebook page may be able to help you with this

  • Your primary focus is to serve the children in nursery. Please engage and play with them. Make sure that you and your friends, that are also helping, are there for the kids, not each other

  • Please leave your cell phones with your parents or in your pocket

  • Follow the direction of the adult volunteers. Ask them any questions you may have and listen to any instructions they may give

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