Worship is a conversation between God and His people. God invites us into His presence, and we respond in words and actions of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. 

Authentic worship places God at the center and entails a complete surrender of all aspects of our lives in response to God's invitation. Authentic worship is far more than knowing about God; it involves knowing God and sharing our whole selves with Him. It requires much more than a weekly meeting time; it is a daily, constant walk with our Lord. Our relationship with God deepens as we spend more time with Him. 

Elements of a Sunnyside CRC Worship Service

  • Call to Worship

  • God's Greeting

  • Greeting one another

  • Praise

  • Confession

  • Assurance of God's forgiveness

  • Prayer

  • Proclamation of God's forgiveness

  • Offering

  • Sacraments

  • Responses of the people

  • God's parting blessing

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