Soundboard Training


To power system on:  Retrieve key from drawer of cabinet at left of soundboard. Turn key to the ENABLE position.  Push the START ON/OFF SEQUENCE button (CD player will say LOADING).  Push and release POWER ON button in upper right corner of soundboard.  Information panel will light up and the board will begin booting.  Allow it to finish booting.


When it has finished booting, the last settings will be retrieved and the sliders will return to the positions they were in when it was turned off.  To retrieve the settings in a specific cue, push the CUE LIST button.  Scroll to the CUE that you wish to retrieve and push the RECALL button.  The board will return to the most recent settings that were saved (UPDATED) in that cue.  Turn the MON LEVEL button up to about 12 o’clock position.  You are ready to begin.

To power system off:  If you wish to save your final settings at the end of a practice or service, push the UPDATE button on the touchscreen and answer YES when asked if you wish to overwrite the settings in the current cue.  Then hold the POWER ON button down until it flashes, release it, and quickly push it again.  The board will turn off and all the sliders will return to the down position.  Next push the START ON/OFF SEQUENCE button (CD player will turn off).  Turn key to the DISABLE position.  Remove key and drop it in the drawer.


The board has 32 channels

  1. Jelmer’s straw mic w/body pack

  2. Chad’s straw mic w/body pack

  3. Handheld cordless mic

  4. Handheld cordless mic

  5. Handheld cordless mic

  6. Handheld cordless mic

  7. Handheld cordless mic

  8. Handheld cordless mic OR extra body pack w/straw or lapel mic (only 1 can be used at a time)

  9. Extra straw or lapel mic

  10. Extra straw or lapel mic

__  Piano (connected by mic cord)
All other channels must be connected to with mic cords.

Power for body packs:  Press and hold on/off button.  Check battery strength.  1-4 bars.  Control the muting at the soundboard.

Handheld cordless mics:  Press and hold on/off button.  They are muted by a tap of the on/off button (not recommended).  Control the muting at the soundboard. 

Sound OUT:
     Overhead speakers (House) controlled by sliders and master volume
1.  Aux #1 front stage monitors for singers (#1 in the front stage pockets)
2.  Aux #2 piano and rear stage monitors (#2 in the rear stage pockets)
3.  Aux #3 to youth room (mother’s nursing room) and Chapel

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