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Safe Church

All SCRC staff and volunteers who work with children are required to receive annual protection policy training. 


                 1. Please watch the 11 minute video of Marilyn explaining our Protection Policy.
                 2. Read through the Protection Policy Document.

                 3. Fill out and submit the "Confirm Safe Church Training Form" below

                 4. Click on the "Background Check Form" link at the bottom of the page.  Fill out and submit the form.

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our children safe!

Step 1: Watch the SafeChurch Video

Step 2: Read our Policy

Step 3: Fill out and Submit this Form

Confirm Safe Church Training Form

Fill out below to confirm you completed the required steps for Safe Church training.

Select all that apply:

Step 4: Fill out the Background Check Form linked below

Additional Forms 

Protection Policy
Incident Reporting/ Tracking Form
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