Week 5 Pre-Trip Meeting & Devotionals

Trip Theme: To Experience

& Share the Peace of Christ.

There are four components to Biblical Peace [shalom]:

  • Prosperity

  • Harmony

  • Salvation (both now and eternal)

  • The Peace of God through Christ

This week we are focusing on the salvation component. Remember, we are not going to Beaumont because of our awesome skills... we are going there to share peace. We must first experience and understand peace before we can share it. The work starts right now... make sure to spend time each weekday experiencing peace so you are ready to share it once you get there.

Post a sentence or two each day, and then encourage others in your group by giving encouraging comments on their posts. The silicone bracelets are there to remind you to do this each day. Remember, you are counting on your teammates, and they are counting on you.​ Here's our goal for the next six weeks:

Let us make every effort to do what leads to peace and to build each other up. - Romans 14:19

Thursday, June 7

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