We're part of a bigger picture

Sunnyside CRC is part of Classis Columbia, a group of 19 ministries in Eastern Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Classis Columbia met on September 22 at Faith Community Church in Zillah, WA. Classis is a collection 19 ministries –established churches and church plants across Oregon, Eastern Washington and one in Idaho.

One highlight was our churches gathering for 45 minutes of worship led by Pastor Tom DeDoes(Quincy). We were challenged in faith to trust God in all things and we practiced this by praying for our ministries in small groups.

Another highlight was the examination of Kevin Boss in the areas of preaching, pastoral ministry and doctrine. Kevin was approved as a Minister of the Word and sacraments, serving as Youth Pastor at Oak Hills Church, Beaverton. He will be ordained on September 30th.

There were reports on a number of our church planting ministries with Pastor Gerry Muller relating encouraging news of healthy ministry in Sunnyside, Toppenish and Quincy. The church plant in Toppenish with Pastor Leonel Rodriguez appreciates their new larger facility. Our other church plants include Grangeville, ID and Renew Church in Corvallis. Thanks to each of our classis churches for your encouragement, prayers and financial support that make reaching more people for Jesus possible!

We are excited for 3 new leaders emerging through active ministry, training and education to develop their capacity to serve our churches. We also welcomed two new leaders: Pastor B. C. Cumings serving the Faith Community Church in Zillah and Pastor Philip Heidt serving the Christ Community Church in Tualatin. In July Classis held a contracted meeting to approve Pastor Heidt as a guest/interim pastor for Christ Community Church as he prepares to become a Christian Reformed pastor.

We gave thanks for the eight years of ministry of Pastor Andy De Korte in Faith Alive Church, Yakima; he will begin serving the Phoenix CRC soon.

Please continue to praise God and seek his continued blessing on the various ministries within Classis Columbia!

Pastor Carl Leep, reporter

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