Update from Jill Bos in Asia

Blessed beyond all measure

A huge blessing has been the ex-pat community here.  I have met people from all over the world in this “land, far, far, away” as it was described in fellowship here one Sunday.  The community here has been very welcoming, and many people have gone out of their way to make Karlynn and I feel at home.

Karlynn and I were recently invited to join the local ladies fellowship where we enjoyed an evening of praise to our Father.  I am looking forward to joining the group for an upcoming ladies conference and at their gatherings throughout the year.

An unexpected blessing has been the bike/walking path just outside of our apartment. It leads to several parks to explore and is a great source to get out and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle in which I now live.

We were recently blessed by one of the sets of grandparents of the families that we work with who raised money to purchase us a washing machine for our apartment.  They were able to raise enough to pay for the wash machine as well as a microwave!   


The past few months have been an interesting learning curve as I navigate a new culture and land.  One rather interesting thing I had to relearn was how to shop in the market.  There is an indoor market across the street from us with several vendors however I needed to learn to only purchase what I will need for a couple of days rather than to stock up on produce. 

I am enjoying learning how to cook with the local ingredients.  One of my favorite finds has been a purple sweet potato.  However, when I tried to add it to broth for a batch of Hot Pot I was making it turned the whole pot of soup purple!  I have also enjoyed being able to buy freshly made noodles at the market. 

One rather important thing I will have to relearn is how to cross the street.  Pedestrians here tend to stop halfway across the street than cross the rest of the way when the road is reasonably clear.  I may have picked up this habit within a couple of days of being here.=) By the way it is easier to jay walk than to cross the street at a crosswalk because the cars can turn left while you have a walk signal. I may have mentioned to Karlynn one day walking back from the homeschool apartment while we were crossing an eight-lane road on the crosswalk at a stop light that we should probably stop in the middle of the road to wait like “normal” people.

Contact Information

At this point, the best way to contact me is via email at jillebos@gmail.com.  I mentioned in my last email that using the WhatsApp was the best way to get ahold of me.  However, the app has not been working well for me here.  You may text me using my google voice number: (208) 495-6537 or private message me via Facebook. However please be aware that email, text or Facebook is not a secure way to message me and follow the security procedures as explained in my previous email.   If you would like a reminder, I can send you another copy! Thanks I would love to hear from you.

Praises and Requests

Praises: The first few weeks of school have been a relatively smooth transition.  We are still working out a few kinks as we all get to know each other but so far, most things have been going well.  That we are able to meet new people and feel connected as part of the ex-pat community.

Requests: That as we progress throughout the year we can continue to find peace in our environment.  For the children we are working with and Karlynn and I as the business of school continues throughout the year.

With much gratitude for your supports and thoughts, THANK YOU!

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