Too Late

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Today's Chapter: Luke 16

Specific Text: Luke 16:19-31

You know the sickening feeling: you've been having a really good day; the sky is blue, that guy or girl you like smiled at you, and your mom put your favorite sandwich in your lunch. But then, out of nowhere, the teacher announces a pop quiz, worth a gazillion points, for some reading you were supposed to do but didn't. It's too late... there's nothing you can do.

That's the feeling the rich man had looking up out of Hades. Things had been going his way his whole life - nice house, awesome parties, good food. Then suddenly it was test time, but this test was infinitely more important than some silly quiz. He had to stand before the Creator and answer just one question: did he have perfect righteousness? It was too late for the rich man, he failed the test.

Like the rich man, you have received lots of good things in your life. The danger comes when all of these good things (sports, dramas, clubs, jobs, friends, etc) distract you from knowing God, remembering you have Christ's righteousness and noticing the opportunities God gives you each day to serve those who have not been as fortunate as you.

Prayer for the day: Thank you, Father, for the good things you've put into my life. Please help me keep them in perspective, so that I do not lose sight of You, and so that I notice ways to help those who have not been given as much as me.

Discussion Starter: These first couple of days, just encourage the others in your group DM to join in and start building a habit. Tell the others when you're reading your devotions. What works good for you (reading before bed, after dinner, in the bathroom (you've all done it)? If you can't think of anything to write just post that you read your devotions.

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