The Biggest Misunderstanding About Money | Dave Ramsey

By Greg Visser

How many of us truly experience financial peace on a regular basis? I have been teaching this stuff for years and still struggle on a daily basis finding financial peace.

If we are to help others experience and share the peace of Jesus, we also need to know how to experience and share financial peace. If our church experienced financial peace on a regular basis, we wound have no cash flow problems, and we would have an abundance of resources to further God’s Kingdom in our valley. So if we do not experience financial peace how can we share it with others?

Currently there are over a dozen people participating in the Financial Peace University course on Wednesday nights. This video gives just a small glimpse into what they are learning. The last class in Financial Peace University is labeled “The Great Misunderstanding.” It brings a tear to my eye every time I watch the lesson (especially the story Dave tells around the 18 minute mark). I know the FPU class is not for everyone, however, I feel all of us should watch this session:

Dave Ramsey has a course called Momentum. It is a church wide program to promote Godly stewardship. Should we begin to plan on a program like this in the Fall of 2019?

As Pastor Gerry often states, leaders lead by example. If we as church leaders and members are not experiencing financial peace how can we share it?

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