Take 5x5 to the next level: Daily Devotionals

Last week in Youth Group we studied 1 Peter 1:13 which encourages Christians to prepare their minds for action. The Holy Spirit is transforming us into the image of Christ by having us participate in Spiritual Disciplines. These are things like daily Bible reading & prayer, attending corporate worship regularly, giving our resources, and meditating on God's Word.

Peter goes on to encourage his readers to build each other up in a spirit of philadelphia - brotherly love. Christianity is a team sport - we are instructed to work together!

Each class was asked to focus on choosing a Spiritual discipline that they need to improve on that they could encourage one another in.

The Freshmen & Sophomores choose to increase their daily Bible reading.

The Juniors want to improve on their daily devotions.

The Seniors will focus on both daily prayer and devotions.

Today we are introducing a new daily feature that builds on our 5x5 Bible Reading Program - short two minute devotionals based on the daily chapter we are reading.

These devotionals are written for high school students, but they are accessible to everyone. They are designed to help each class focus on the goal they set. Each day has a very short reading, a way to help them pray, and suggestions for communicating with and encouraging the kids in their class.

Add two minutes to your daily Bible reading time and build up your own Spiritual Disciplines:


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