Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Today's Chapter: Luke 21

Specific Text: Luke 21:34-36

You've seen a venus fly trap... the plant that looks really inviting, especially to flies, but then it suddenly closes in on an unsuspecting fly as soon as the fly settles into the comfortable looking blossom. That's the kind of sudden entrapment that Jesus warns us about today.

This chapter is called the Olivet Discourse. It's hard to interpret the details Jesus speaks about, and there's a pretty good chance that the things he prophesied about in this chapter were all fulfilled in 70 AD when the Romans did exactly what Jesus was saying to the city of Jerusalem.

No matter how we interpret the details, the two key lessons He speaks about remain the same: 1) When (not if) Jesus returns, it will be a surprise to everyone, and 2) the entrapments of the world are very real, and very dangerous. You are warned often (and for lots of good reasons) about the dangers of 'carousing and drunkenness,' but the other big trap Jesus warns about is the biggest thing we all struggle with- the anxieties (worry) of life! In this sense, worrying is just as bad and dangerous as drugs and alcohol!

Verse 36 provides two methods of escape no matter what you are trapped in:

  1. Be on the watch - reading God's Word & meditating on it (like what you're doing right now) and regularly assembling with other Christians to worship God and hear His Word proclaimed are two key ways you can be on the watch.

  2. Pray - This is something we all need to get better at. Use the Prayer For The Day section at the bottom of these devotionals to help get you started.

Prayer For The Day: Father, help me to understand that Jesus telling us He will return someday is a promise to look forward to and not a warning to be afraid of. Help me to always be on the watch for you, by reading your word and attending church, so that I can escape the things that trap me - especially worry.

Discussion Starter: How do things like going to church or reading the Bible help you escape from worry?

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