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It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.... Acts 15:19

If the core vision of SCRC is to share the Peace of Christ with our community, we need to understand who our community is. In 2013, the church commissioned a ministry area study that gives tremendous insight into who our 'market' is so that we can format programs in such a way that we emulate the concern of the early church we've been reading about lately in Acts.

FirstView Report (People & Place / Community Issues / Faces of Diversity / Faith Preferences)

Initial takeaways:

  • Page 2, D6: This area has an extremely low level of education

  • Page 3, F4: The community wants a church who will help them develop Spiritually (as opposed to a church that only meets 'felt needs' or provides recreation)

  • Page 6, F5: This area is way above US averages in households with NO religious preference as well as households preferring 'non historically Christian' groups (= mormons).


Other Data:

  • This area has 459% more Mormons than the US average.

  • Roman Catholics and Mormons make up 25% of the church going households.

This area scores above average in these categories of issues households are likely to be primarily concerned with (percentage = comparison to US average):

  • Day to day financial worries: 112%

  • Finding affordable housing: 129%

  • Providing adequate food: 120%

  • Drug/alcohol abuse: 113%

  • Teen problems: 124%

  • Abusive relationships: 130%

  • Dealing with gangs: 192%

  • Social injustice: 113%

  • Struggling to achieve educational objectives: 110%

  • Dealing with stress: 77% (13 points below US average)

  • Desire to find a good church: 113%

  • Desire to find Spiritual teaching: 123%

Other interesting data about the US in general:

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