Senior Lunch

Nearly 50 people filled the Youth Group room on October 27 for the Senior's Lunch

There was a tremendous concentration of wisdom and experience gathered at the church on October 27. Nearly 40 of our senior church members gathered with the deacon's and their wives for lunch.

Before sitting down for dinner, everyone was asked to write something about themselves that others might not know. We had a great time learning that one of them spent a night in jail, another was pulled over for driving down a sidewalk in downtown Chicago, and still another spent her summers in Wisconsin frying donuts each day.

We had a great ham dinner prepared by Marilyn Van Oostrum, Sheryl Van Belle, Melanie Smeenk and Hailey Broersma. We also had the privilege of hearing Grace Van Belle, and Henrietta & John Prins play the piano.

Our deacons are Henry Van Oostrum, Chris Van Belle, Scott Smeenk, Scott Laverman and Steven Broersma. All of these men have a love for the church and we all had a good time getting to know each other more over good food.

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