Romans 13

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Watch this overview video and then read chapter 13.


v1 - We’ve learned that in Christ we are already citizens of the Kingdom of God. In chapter 13, we are reminded that we are dual citizens of both the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of man, and as such, we need to subject ourselves to the governing authorities.

v10 - in verses 8-10, Paul echoes what Jesus says in the gospels. Loving your neighbor summarizes and fulfills God’s law.

v11 - I like v11 - it’s time to wake up and get going. Live every day as if Jesus is returning that afternoon.

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Online Study Bibles and commentaries are awesome ways to dig deep into God's amazing truth. Here are some really good ones:

Faithlife Study Bible

Bible Gateway

These short overview videos are AWESOME. You're missing out if you're not watching them. Below the Part 2 of the Romans videos is posted. If you didn't see Part 1, watch it now - it will help put into context what you've read so far.

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