Romans 12

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Watch this overview video and then read chapter 12.


v1 - This final section of Romans starts with a massively important conjunction: Therefore. We’ve gone over all of this amazing doctrine.

v2 You have been united to Christ, THEREFORE, your life must look different than the world. Chapter 12 is very familiar to us, as it gives practical application to Christian doctrine.

v5 - Here Paul uses the body analogy. As we learned in chapters 9-11, we are all one body, but we each have different functions, and each of those functions plays an important role in the church.

v16 - Ultimately, the doctrine we learned over the last few weeks needs to result in a lifestyle that reflects humble service to the God who saved us by His grace.

v21 - This chapter ends with an overriding imperative - as Christians we are mandated to overcome the evil present in the world with goodness.

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Online Study Bibles and commentaries are awesome ways to dig deep into God's amazing truth. Here are some really good ones:

Faithlife Study Bible

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These short overview videos are AWESOME. You're missing out if you're not watching them. Below the Part 2 of the Romans videos is posted. If you didn't see Part 1, watch it now - it will help put into context what you've read so far.

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