Romans 11

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Watch this overview video and then read chapter 11.


v17 - Paul uses the analogy of olive trees. We have wild olive trees all over the valley… they grow like weeds. In a sense, we as gentiles have been cut away from the weeds and grafted into the cultivated tree - into God’s people. Note here that there is only one tree - God only has one people… Israel and the church are synonymous.

v33 - After all of these difficult chapters, Paul ends this section with one of the most beautiful doxologies in scripture. Read it through a couple of times, especially as the mysteries we’ve read about the last couple of days are fresh in your mind.

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Online Study Bibles and commentaries are awesome ways to dig deep into God's amazing truth. Here are some really good ones:

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These short overview videos are AWESOME. You're missing out if you're not watching them. Below the Part 2 of the Romans videos is posted. If you didn't see Part 1, watch it now - it will help put into context what you've read so far.

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