Revelation 7

Progressive Parallelism:

First Perspective on Christ's return: Chapter 1 - 3

Second Perspective: Chapters 4 - 7

Chapter 7 closes the second of seven different perspectives of Christ's return. This perspective began in chapter 4 with John being ushered into the throne room of God. The focus of this perspective was on the suffering of the church on earth (we call this the church militant), which is especially evident in 6:9-11. Once again, the victory of Christ is shown in the final verses of chapter 7 with all of the angels standing around the throne of God worshipping and singing. Once again chaos and pain have been eliminated, and God's order is fully established.

Of course, there are confusing parts to this perspective as well. Remember, each new perspective we look at will be more comprehensive than the ones preceding it, so there will be more and more confusing symbols and actions as we read through John's vision. What makes things even more difficult is that so many good, solid Christians who stand together in lock step on all of the other doctrines of faith will come to such dramatically different interpretations as to what various parts of Revelation actually mean.

Keep this diversity of opinion in mind as you read. Anytime you interact with an interpretation which conveys an attitude of him being the only one who truly understands Revelation, that's usually a pretty good indicator the guy is a crackpot. It's ok to develop a strong opinion about what something means in this book, but hold onto it lightly and with humility. I've read dozens of opinions about why the number 144,000 was used, and ultimately I don't really know why it was. And that's ok.

What you do really want to key in on and latch onto are the major themes of victory and God's triumph, and you'll usually find them at the end of each perspective like we do today. Let's make this our prayer:

Prayer For The Day: Holy God, sitting victorious upon the throne, praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor be unto you for ever and ever... For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be my shepherd; He will lead me to springs of living water. And you, my God, will wipe away every tear from my eye. In the name of the Lion-Lamb I pray, Amen.

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