Revelation 3

Specific Text - Revelation 3:19-22

The first of seven perspectives on Christ's return: Chapters 1-3

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These are dreaded words that no kid wants to hear: "Just wait till your father gets home!" Translation: You've blown it big time, and when your dad gets home he will point out exactly how you messed up and what your punishment will include.

After reading Revelation 2-3, you may have that sort of feeling about Jesus' return. We have many of the same faults that these seven churches had, and the way they get dressed down in these chapters almost causes dread when we think of being judged ourselves.

But v19 puts things into the proper perspective: Jesus doesn't point out all of our faults just because he likes crushing people, rather quite the opposite. He disciplines those He loves, and implores you to come back into relationship with Him through repentance.

We keep coming back all throughout the New Testament to this recurring theme: you are being sanctified - that is, being made holy in preparation for an eternity of being victorious and ruling with your Father from His throne.

The end of chapter three marks the end of the first perspective on Christ's return. It began in chapter 1 as John saw Jesus standing among seven golden lamp stands (v12ff), and now ends with Jesus and the victorious members of His Church sitting down to rule on His Father's throne.

Prayer For the Day: Dear Father, thank you so much for the promise you give me of victory through your Son and my Savior. Lord, give me ears to hear your words of discipline in my life so I can be prepared for eternity with you. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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