Revelation 2

The first of seven perspectives on Christ's return: Chapters 1-3

For more information on the Progressive Parallel interpretive approach for Revelation, click here.

The first perspective Revelation gives of Christ's return is is care and concern for His church. In chapters 2 & 3, Jesus addresses seven churches. These churches were real, actual churches, but you'll also begin to notice that the number seven comes up quite often in this book. In the Bible, seven is a number that signifies wholeness and completion, and so by choosing seven churches to address, we can be certain that Jesus' message is not just for these particular churches, but for all of the church.

As you read through these individual letters, look for the phrases that begin with "he who has ears to hear..." (v7, 11, 17, 26-29). These summaries must be applied directly to your life and situation.

Prayer For the Day: Dear Father in Heaven, Thank you for this reminder that the thing you care about most in this world is your Church. Thank you for making me part of it. Help me to pay attention to the warnings you give her, and thank you that through your Son I can be victorious. Amen.

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