Revelation 16

Chapters 15-16 contain the shortest perspective on Christ's victory, and I think that is by design. These bowls of wrath are God's final judgment. There is nothing more for Him to say or do. In all of the previous perspectives there have been some awful things for sure, but all of them either were warnings or came with warning, because it is always God's desire for people to repent.

In chapter sixteen there are no trumpets blasting woes which warn all which hear, and unlike the previous calamities where 1/3 of the creatures in the sea or in the heavens were destroyed, in chapter 16, the destruction is total, final & complete. Even in the midst of this torture, those with the mark of the beast refuse to repent (v9 & 11).

It can be very frustrating for us now to look out at the evil world and wonder how and why God tolerates it. Be grateful He does; it is His grace on display. You have been blessed by being able to read and understand God's Word. You have now read Revelation 16 and you know how the story will end for those who refuse to repent. You know that you will be one of the saints standing by the sea of crystal singing praises to God and will be free from the wrath that God will pour out.

Prayer for the Day: Holy God, you are just in your judgments, O Holy One. You will send your wrath on those who have sinned against you. Just and true are you, Lord God Almighty. Thank you for this picture of the coming judgment which helps me understand the magnitude of the grace you have given to me. In my Savior's name, Amen.

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