Revelation 12

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Progressive Parallel Interpretive Approach:

First half of Revelation: The conflict between the Church & the world

Ch. 1-3: Christ message to His church

Ch. 4-7: The seven seals

Ch. 8-11: The seven trumpets

Each section begins with the risen Christ & ends with a picture of His coming victory.

Second half of Revelation: The conflict between the Church & the world is a manifestation of the war in Heaven between Christ & satan (the dragon / accuser)

Ch. 12-14: The dragon & the woman:

As the second half of Revelation begins, the language & symbolism gets more and more fantastic and hard to even picture. As the complications and details add up, it is critically important for you to keep the overall theme of Revelation in mind:

The Victory of the Christ & His Church over the Dragon & his Helpers.

This fourth perspective on Christ's victory has three characters:

  1. The radiant woman: represents the Church

  2. The child: represents Christ

  3. The dragon: symbolizes satan.

In a way that fulfills God's promise to Eve in Genesis 3, God rescues the child, the seed of the woman. Satan is cast out of heaven, and since God's elect are fully righteous in the blood of Christ, he can no longer accuse (the name satan = the accuser) you before God, so all he can do is persecute the woman (Church).

Prayer For The Day: Dear gracious & holy God, thank you for all you have done to protect and make me, your child, holy and righteous. Thank you for this amazing picture of what you have done to deliver me. Thank you for making me part of your Church, and I pray that you continue to protect and sustain us, your holy people. Amen.

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