Our Couch Potatoes have a new couch

Our new used youth group couch is almost as good looking as the kids sitting on it!

Youth Group Room furniture is judged by different criteria than furniture in other types of rooms. Often there is a certain aesthetic that needs to be met - the furniture needs to be attractive and fashionable.

Not so in the Youth Group Room. Looks don't matter in there. It just needs to be comfortable and sturdy. This describes our last couch. It looked absolutely hideous - red with floral print. But it was comfortable, so the kids loved it, but they loved it to death. Literally. They broke its back and its insides began coming outside.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr & Mrs Albrecht, who are huge supporters of our high school students, we have a new used couch! This one is certainly comfortable, in fact, several sections recline! But there's a problem... it's not ugly. It's quite attractive, and way too nice for a youth group room! I'm sure we'll be able to get used to that.

Thank you Albrecht's!

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