Mark 9

Specific Text - Mark 9:30-37

There are several different facets to look at in this passage, but they all point to the same thing.

V30 begins with Jesus and the disciples laying low, and it wasn't just because they were tired of being constantly mobbed by the massive crowds that followed Jesus everywhere, hoping to either see, or perhaps even experience, a miracle. V31 explains why Jesus didn't want anyone to know where they were: He wanted to teach His disciples. We've read so many times now just in the gospel of Mark about how important it is to make time in your too-busy schedule to seek solitude in which you can practice your Spiritual Disciplines of praying and learning more about your God & Savior. Are you doing that?

Secondly, the whole tone of the book of Mark changes with Jesus' announcement in v31 that He will be killed, and will then rise again in three days. Of course, the complete understanding of this sails right over the disciples' heads, but notice now in the remaining seven chapters of this book how different things are in the way Jesus speaks, and even in details like the size of the crowd around Jesus, which will get progressively smaller until His last follower runs away from Him naked and ashamed (Mark 14:51-52).

There are lots of reasons people initially followed Jesus, just like there are lots of reasons people come to church and youth group. You need to constantly remind yourself the reason you follow Jesus Christ is because of the sacrifice He made for you, and His victory over sin and death that followed.

Finally, the path you go down as you follow your Savior needs to be one of humility. We've been realizing this as we learn about the Lord's prayer: It's God's will which must be done, not our own, right? That's why Jesus tells His disciples, and you, that in order to be first, make yourself last and a servant to all.

Prayer For The Day: Dear Father in Heaven, help me to keep your name holy. I pray that you would establish your kingdom in me by causing me to separate myself more and more from the world, and learn about and focus more and more on being your servant by serving others. Help me to be more like the little children Jesus took into His arms. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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