Mark 5

Specific Text - Mark 5:1-20

This must have been one tough dude. Nobody could hold him down, nothing could contain him. Think of how ruthless a person needs to be in order to break through chains attached to his hands and feet. This man, possessed by a legion of demons, had unstoppable superhuman strength. He was covered in scabs and dried blood caked on from the multiple stab wounds he had inflicted upon himself. This guy could do whatever the demons wanted him to do, and nobody could stop him.

Then Jesus shows up. We know from various accounts in the Bible that Jesus was nothing to look at. He wasn't especially strong or well built, and he wasn't physically intimidating. Probably quite the opposite. But when this monster of a man meets Jesus, an amazing, totally unexpected thing happens: the man falls on his knees in front of Jesus.

The demons that were controlling this man immediately recognized who Jesus was. The crowds followed Jesus around because He healed diseases and cured blindness, but the demons knew that Jesus had power that goes way beyond healing powers. They knew that Jesus Christ is God, and for all of the terror and fear the demons could produce, all they could do is fall on their knees in the presence of this Holy God and beg for mercy.

Of course you have a much different relationship to Jesus than what these demons did. You have been washed in His blood, which makes you holy, clean and acceptable to Him. Jesus has promised that He, in the form of the Holy Spirit, will also be in you, sustaining you with His grace. Whereas the demons were cast out in to one of the uncleanest animals possible in that Jewish culture, Jesus will never cast you away.

But still, you can learn a lesson from these demons. Remember who Jesus is. Remember that He is God, that He is Holy, and that He deserves your highest respect. Even though your relationship with God has been fully restored, you need to still approach Him in the same manner these demons did: on your knees.

Prayer For The Day: Dear Holy God, thank you that I can talk to you in this way in prayer because of the forgiveness I have through the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for the story of this demon possessed man, and I pray that I would always have the same respect and fear for you that he did. In your Son's name I pray, Amen.

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