Mark 4

Specific Text - Mark 4:35-41

This story of Jesus rebuking the sea is often under-applied. That is, the only thing people get out of it is that Jesus can come into your stormy life and bring peace and stillness. This is, of course, true, but there is so much more going on here, which is evident in the fact that even though the weather instantly calms at Jesus' word, the disciples were nowhere close to being at peace. Verse 41 says they were terrified!

They weren't terrified because of the storm anymore, they were terrified because of what they had just seen Jesus do. Jesus spoke two words and the furious squall came to a sudden stop. Jesus exhibited full control over creation. Even the wind and the waves obeyed Him.

Stack this on top of what we read about on Tuesday (Mark 2:1-12). When the paralyzed man was let down from the roof, the first words Jesus spoke were not "be healed," but rather, "be forgiven." The disciples saw that right away the Pharisee's correctly noted that only God can do what Jesus just claimed to do. But that was just an unprovable claim Jesus made, right? After all, you can't 'see' if a person's sins are forgiven.

But now the disciples have proof of Jesus' divinity that they can see. The storm stopped at His command. They still don't know Jesus all that well, and they for sure don't know that He will go on to conquer death and sin, so it makes sense that they are terrified of Him at this point.

You know who Jesus is, that He was a man like you and I, but also was at the same time fully God. But this need not terrify you, because you also know that He will go on to die to pay for your sins, and rise again so that you too may have new life - eternal life.

Jesus can calm the storms in your life, but even when He doesn't, you still have the assurance that He is God and that He has been victorious on your behalf over the sin that separated you from Him.

Prayer For The Day - Dear Father in heaven, you are in control of all things. Nothing happens outside of your knowledge or control. Help me to remember that when life's storm rage around me, and even more so help me to remember my Savior is fully God and that I am in His hands. Amen.

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