Mark 3

Specific Text - Mark 3:1-6

A market disruptor is a person who comes into an area where everything has been status quo for a long time and shakes everything up in such a way that nothing can ever be the same again. Another phrase for this is 'game changer.' Steve Jobs introducing the touch screen I-phone for the first time a decade or so ago is an example of what it means to disrupt things.

The Pharisees had a really good thing going before Jesus came along. They had all of Israel more or less wrapped around their finger, and they controlled, or at least heavily influenced, almost every aspect of society with all of their religious laws and customs. Sure, the Roman government was a thorn in their side, but in a sense they could use the Romans as a common enemy to galvanize Jewish society around their way of doing things.

So when this fella named Jesus, who joined a long parade of men who claimed to be the Messiah, comes along and started poking holes in the logic of their system of rules in a way that large crowds of people could suddenly see and understand, the Pharisees reacted quickly. They joined forces with a group of people loyal to King Herod, whom they really didn't like, in order to get rid of this disrupting threat.

Jesus wants to disrupt your life. He wants to take your focus from trying get as much stuff and status as you think the people around you have, and He wants to orient you to your true identity: a citizen in His eternal Kingdom. He wants you to follow Him in the same way He called His disciples in the last chapter and they immediately dropped what they were doing and began following Him.

How are you going to handle this disruption in your life? Will you push against it, only to fail, like the Pharisees did? Or will you embrace it and work each day to improve your Spiritual Disciplines?

Prayer for the Day: Dear Father in heaven, thank you for sending your Son to disrupt my life from the sin and selfishness that I often would rather focus on. Help me to see the world for what it is, and to let go of foolish things and cling to you. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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