Mark 16

Specific Text - Mark 16:1-8

Most scholars think that this chapter ends at verse 8, and that the remaining portion was added later by someone else. One of the reasons the 5x5 reading plan starts with the gospel of Mark is because it is so quick & fast paced. These past 16 days we've seen the story move quickly from one event in Jesus' life to another. But even with this fast pace, it does seem curious that Mark only spends 8 verses explaining the central claim of the gospels: that Jesus rose from the dead.

Mark's gospel is like a movie that ends setting up the sequel. The book is good and understandable on its own, but it's just begging for something more. Mark leaves the two Mary's totally unresolved. We are left with them trembling and afraid. Mark certainly wants you to know the importance of the resurrection, but he also wants you to know in many ways it is just the beginning of the story. The story is not really complete until you read about what happens next (which you will in Acts starting tomorrow) and in the various letters in the New Testament that help us understand how this applies to our lives.

You're doing a great job so far on this second round of the 5x5. Keep it going. Make daily Bible reading and reflection as normal to your routine as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Prayer for the day: Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for the gospel of Mark. Thank you for helping me see the urgency and compassion Jesus had for His lost people. Thank you that I could see the authority that Jesus often spoke with, and thank you for this very short account of His resurrection, and help it to cause me to want to read the sequels. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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