Mark 15

Specific Text - Mark 15:42-47

Pilate was surprised to hear that He was already dead. -v44

When I was in college I had to have my wisdom teeth removed. Not having much money, I asked the dentist how much less it would be if I went with just local anesthesia rather than all the way put under. I was told the procedure itself would only take about 15 minutes. For the amount of money I could save, I was certain I could endure 15 minutes of misery (but the dentist said no).

Jesus was hung on the cross at nine in the morning, and before the sun went down that afternoon He was already dead. A purely skeptical person might weigh 6 hours of sheer misery against an eternity of praise and glory for enduring it and conclude that it wasn't that bad of a trade off.

But this is where our limited senses fall short. We have difficulty even imagining things outside of the bounds of time. Yet God exists in a timeless dimension, so the amount of time something takes, whether it is long or short, is totally irrelevant to God. Although Jesus only hung on the cross for six hours, He endured an eternity's worth of God's wrath against our sin. The price He paid is completely incomprehensible.

Because Jesus paid such a high price for you, living in such a way that honors and glorifies His immeasurable sacrifice. Because there is no way for us to quantify how much it cost for Jesus to die, there should likewise be no limit on the gratitude you respond to Him with.

Prayer For The Day - Dear Father in heaven, help me to remember how different you are from me. You are holy and unlimited and all things that have been made, including time, were made by you. Thank you for submitting your Son to pay a price I was incapable of paying. Help me to live my life in a way that constantly acknowledges the price that was paid for it. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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