Mark 14

Specific Text - Mark 14:32-52

Chapter 14 is a heavy chapter. Jesus' ministry started out with so much promise, and His popularity only grew. Time after time, especially in Mark's gospel, we read of the giant crowds that followed Him everywhere He went. But in these last couple of chapters, there are very few miracles, and Jesus' words always seem pointed on His coming departure and the difficulty His followers would face. So the crowds quickly become thinner and thinner.

Now even His closest followers can no longer follow Him. Rather than keeping watch in prayer, they can't keep their eyes open and they doze off. By the time we reach the end of today's passage, the last member of the crowd following Jesus runs away naked and ashamed after the guards grabbed him by the shirt. Jesus is all alone now, and in a few verses, even Peter will disown Him.

As you read these words today, in addition to thanking God for the sacrifice Jesus made for you, thank Him for the things you have learned about how the Holy Spirit enables you to persevere in the faith. If it wasn't for the Spirit's power in your life, you too would abandon your Savior. But you won't, because He will never abandon you.

Prayer for the Day - Dear Father in heaven, thank you for the cup that Jesus drank that awful night in the garden. Lord, I am weak and would have been one of those who fell asleep or ran away; thank you for giving me the power to overcome my weakness and stay true to you. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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