Mark 13

Specific Text - Mark 13:32-37

Over the millennia there have been countless fools who thought they had figured out exactly when Christ would return, and obviously none of them have been correct. We tend to dismiss these people as kooks who need to readjust their focus on what Jesus and the Bible say.

Jesus for sure reiterates both here and other places in the Bible that the end will come suddenly and without warning. Our problem isn't being overly aggressive trying to predict the day and time Jesus returns, rather, we don't think enough about the second coming. It doesn't seem worth worrying about with all of the other things we have going on in life.

But Jesus does want you to be mindful of His return. He wants you looking out for it each day, even praying that He comes back quickly. As you do these things, you're reminding yourself that you are a citizen of the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of man, and it will be easier for you to submit to God's law live for His glory each day.

Remember Jesus' warning in v36:

Do not let me find you sleeping!

Stay awake (metaphorically, of course) by continually practicing your Spiritual Disciplines - read & study God's Word, pray, worship, and evangelize as you keep watch for your Savior's return.

Prayer for the day: Dear Father in Heaven, keep me awake in life and focused on you and your will for my life. I pray that Jesus will come back quickly and make all things new. In His name I pray, Amen.

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