Mark 1

Specific Text - Mark 1:35-39

Welcome back to another year of Bible reading! Some of you are going to be starting this daily habit for the first time. You'll have weeks where you do very well keeping up with your reading, and then other weeks where things fall apart. Don't get discouraged when that happens, just jump back in with everyone else. As the weeks go by your habit will grow stronger.

Others of you are starting your second year, and will be reading the same thing you read last year. See if you can take your daily reading to the next level. Use an study Bible (see our resource page for some good examples) or commentaries to dig deeper on your own.

Each day a link to these devotionals will go out at 7 AM & 6 PM. If you're not getting them, sign up here. You'll also notice that there's a link at the top each day with the 'specific text' that the devotional is drawn from. If you don't have time to read the whole chapter, just read that passage, but really try to make time to read the whole thing. Also, that will always link to the passage on Biblegateway, but it's always better to read out of a printed Bible if you can.

The book of Mark is fast paced. Day after day you'll read phrases like 'at once' (v9) or 'immediately' Jesus did this or that, but you'll also notice verses like 35 & 45 where Jesus separates Himself from the busyness and goes off by Himself to pray.

You need to learn from this. Your life is a blur of busyness, and you hardly have time to sit still. You need to make the time to have quiet solitude where you can be by yourself and talking to your heavenly Father. We refer to this kind of solitude as a discipline because it takes work and effort to make it happen, but it's so important that you do as often as possible. Look for little breaks in the day where you can get in the habit of doing what Jesus did, and shut the world off, if only for a few minutes, so that you can concentrate on Him.

Prayer for the Day: Dear Father in heaven, thank you for giving me your Word. I pray for your blessings as I commit to another year of reading it each day. Help me to understand what I read, and bless my efforts to dig deeper into it as I read. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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