John 5 - Make Sure You See Jesus In The Bible

Specific Text - John 5:39-40

Jesus is often described by people unfamiliar with the Bible as sort of a hippie who walked around Israel spreading peace and love, but one thing that quickly becomes apparent when you read through the gospels the way we have this past year is that Jesus seems sort of mean! It seems like He's always verbally smacking down the Pharisees or laying into the disciples for their latest lapse.

Jesus didn't respond this way because He was impatient or unkind, rather it bothered Him so deeply that these people He loved were so blatantly missing the point. Jesus knew how big of a deal it was for people to not recognize Him as being the Christ - the anointed Son of God sent to be the Savior of the world, so He did His best to clearly and consistently point out their mistakes.

We've been making a big deal these past few weeks about the importance of reading your Bible. Since you're reading this, you realize the importance of staying rooted in God's Word each day. But today, Jesus is telling you to do more than just read. He's telling you to find Him in each and every passage of scripture. If you don't see Jesus, you're wasting your time.

It's easy to see Jesus in gospel narratives like John. Every sentence and even word describes Jesus or something that He did. But even those obscure passages and stories in the Old Testament point you to Christ by either demonstrating the sinfulness of man and our need for a savior, or by reminding us that God always provides a savior for His people.

Make it your goal to see Jesus every time you open the Bible. Remember, it takes strong discipline to do this!

Prayer For The Day - Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for making Jesus and His salvation so clear to me. Thank you for the Bible, and grant me the discipline it takes to not just read it, but study it, memorize it and meditate upon it so that I can know Jesus more and more. Amen

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