John 4 - Forget About The Food

Specific Text - John 4:27-38

The disciples seem like the comic relief guys for Jesus, sort of like how in a Disney movie you have the main characters who have a true problem to solve and are very serious, but then every other scene the sidekicks come and bring some laughs. The only problem is that the disciples stop being funny when we realize that they are a picture of us; a picture of blind humanity scurrying around and missing the big picture.

Such is the case in today's episode with Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. The disciples have left Jesus to, of course, go get food. Jesus and this woman have an absolutely amazing conversation that at first seems like just small talk but then a few minutes later results in the woman realizing that Jesus is the Christ (Christ = Messiah = Anointed One). Cue the comic relief. The disciples are somewhat perplexed that Jesus was talking with this unsavory (to put it mildly) woman, but without missing a beat start worrying about food again.

But Jesus is done with the disciples fixation on things that are important but don't matter.

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. - John 4:34

Clearly food is an important necessity in life, but the disciples were so wrapped up in it that they missed the obvious, which the Samaritans instantly figure out in v39-42.

Remember that the disciples are not in the gospels for comic relief, they are in there to so that we can see ourselves and our sin. What important things are going on in your life that are causing you to miss the obvious things that Jesus is doing around you and even to you?

Jesus tells the disciples, and He tells you, the fields are ripe for harvest. Jesus wants you to realize the amazing things He's done in your life, and He wants you to work the harvest: to share this good news with others.

Stop worrying about food.

Prayer For The Day - Dear God, I confess that I get way too wrapped up in the busyness of my life that I miss the obvious. Thank you for the grace that you have given to me. Open my eyes so that I can see and understand it, and then give me the confidence to share what you have done for me with others. Amen.

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