John 3 - Is Your Faith Just A Sign In The Crowd?

Specific Text - John 3:12-17

It's probably the most famous Bible verse of all time. It shows just how simple salvation is: just believe and live eternally. For too many people the everpresent John 3:16 sign is a perfect symbol of their faith. Their Christianity is just a tiny little sign in a great big stadium of their life.

A stadium can be a chaotic place, with thousands of things going on all at the same time, just like your life. With so many distractions going on, it's pretty easy to lose sight of one little message that's reflected on some guy's sign. This is exactly what was happening to the Pharisees like Nicodemus, the man Jesus was talking to in this chapter. Because they were so focused on following the rules they had made up, they lost sight of God's plan of salvation for them. They knew God would save them, but to them that knowledge was like a tiny little sign being held up in a stadium full of people - almost meaningless.

Jesus calls Nicodemus and you out in verse 12:

I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

If you're not seeing how God is present in every aspect of your life - not just the flowery things we tend to pray for, but in every part between when you wake up and fall down to sleep - you're going to lose sight of God's promise to give you everlasting life. It will become like the John 3:16 sign at every game that you don't even notice anymore.

This is a good time to be reminded that God speaks to you in two different books. Of course you know that He speaks through the Bible, after all that's why you're reading it right now. But when you read the Bible often and understand it well, you can also see God speaking to you through all of the various aspects of His creation. You will begin to see God's presence all over your life and His involvement and concern for everything you do.

Don't just restrict your faith to being a small sign in a massive crowd. Begin to believe in God & Jesus in every activity you take part in.

Prayer For The Day - Dear God, thank you so much for sending your Son so that I will not perish but have eternal life. Help me to shine your light into every part of my life, so that in every part of my life I can become more like Christ. Amen.

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