John 19 - Behold The Man

Specific Text: John 19:1-22

God is a covenantal God. He doesn't deal with mankind on a case by case, or even a person by person basis. He makes covenants with large groups of people. He did so with King David, and before that with Moses, and before that with Abraham. God made a covenant with the entire planet when Noah finally exited the ark. But even before Noah, God had established His covenant. In fact, it was the first thing He did after creating man. God entered into a covenant with Adam, in which God would remain faithful to Adam as long as Adam remained faithful to God.

You were included in that original covenant, which was made thousands of years before you came into this world. You weren't there, but you were represented. The deal was not just between God and Adam, rather it was between God and mankind, represented by Adam. And Adam failed, so consequently you and I have failed as well. We have not kept up our end of the covenant.

But hopefully you know the rest of the story. God never abandoned His end of the covenant. He still desires to bless those who can live according to His perfect righteousness. To fulfill this covenant, a new representative is needed; one not tainted by Adam's failure, and one who could fulfill God's holy requirements.

That's what makes Pilate's claim so amazing in verse 5:

Behold, the man!

Pilate is fulfilling the role of a herald, even though he has no idea what he's doing. It's as if he walked into the throne room of God, and after the trumpets finished their anthem, Pilate announces that finally one has fulfilled God's original covenant. But Pilate doesn't stop there. In verse 15 Pilate presents Christ by saying:

Here is your king!

Clearly Pilate didn't know what he was saying, but that makes it all the more profound. You are no longer represented by a failure, you are now represented by the sinless Jesus Christ, your king, and consequently you have the perfect righteousness you need for an eternal relationship in communion with God. Live in a way that reflects this reality.

Prayer For The Day - Dear Father, each time we read the stories of Jesus' passion it's as if the world is standing still. Thank you for graciously allowing a new representative and for fulfilling that role through your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you that I have fulfilled your covenant in Him. Amen.

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