John 16 - Just Drive The Line

Specific Text - John 16:25-33

We're in the midst of summertime right now, but here in the Yakima Valley we've grown pretty accustomed to driving in the cold winter fog. There's a saying that truckers have to describe that: Just drive the line. What they mean is keep your eye on the white line that runs along the shoulder of the road which happens to be called the fog line. There are times when that white line is about the only thing that is visible.

The disciples felt like they were driving in fog as Jesus has been speaking to them in these last few chapters. They know that He is on the verge of being arrested, that He will likely be killed and they will be left behind with no clear direction. There will be times in your life where you feel the exact same way. The fog will close in, and you'll have trouble remembering where you've been in life and you'll have no idea where you're going.

When those times come, just remember the advice that Jesus gives His disciples in John 16 - Just drive the line. In the preceding verses to our text today Jesus has been promising the disciples that He will send them an Advocate. That Advocate, of course, is the Holy Spirit, and as a Christian, you have been given that Advocate as well. The Holy Spirit helps takes the Spiritual Disciplines like Bible intake, prayer and worship that we've been talking about these last few weeks and uses them to create a white line you can follow when everything else in your life seems blurry and foggy.

I love verse 33. It contains the only universal promise in the Bible (a promise that applies to all people throughout all of time):

In this world you will have trouble...

We don't expect to have any fog in July, but we also know the foggy season will be upon us again in five or six months. You may be in a period of life right now where everything is bright and sunny, but you can be sure there will be foggy times that lie ahead for you as well. When, not if, the fog descends in your life again, just drive the line. Maintain the disciplines you're working on building up know, and keep your eye on the white line of truth the Holy Spirit is laying out in front of you and you will keep moving forward. This is the same promise Jesus gave to His disciples:

But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Prayer For The Day - Dear Father, thank you for the warm, clear sunshine of the summer where everything in life is the way it ought to be. Thank you also that I can count on your Spirit to guide me through the foggy times that are sure to come again in life. Thank you for the assurance I have that your Son, in whose name I pray, has overcome the world. Amen.

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