John 12 - Why Won't They Believe?

Specific Text - John 12:37-41

Water had been turned to wine. Diseases had been instantly cured. The lame walked, the blind saw, and as if that all wasn't enough, Lazarus had been raised to life after being dead for four days. Even after all of this, many people would not believe in Jesus.

Certainly you know people who do not believe Jesus was anybody special. This is crazy, because as you read through God's Word, and as you hear it explained to you, it all makes so much sense. All these different passages interconnect and support one another. It presents one unified, crystal clear picture of God coming down Himself to save His sinful people. Why can't everybody see what you see?

John draws on the prophet Isaiah to answer this question, and the truth is brutal:

God has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts... Isa 6:10 / John 12:40

This reality - that God has chosen some for salvation and left others in their sins, is taught in every part of scripture, and though we can understand much about how this concept works, we will never understand why. When you are reminded of this truth, as we are in John 12, it must bring out certain emotions in you:

  • Reverence, awe and worship of the God who unconditionally choose you to believe in Him.

  • Humility when you realize you have done nothing to earn this gift of faith, but yet it has been given to you anyways.

  • Compassion for those who persist in their blindness. Continue to pray for those who do not believe that God will change their heart, even as He did for the thief on the cross.

Prayer For The Day - Lord God, Almighty, Holy is your name. You are in the heavens above and your ways are not my ways. Thank you for the grace you have shown to me, though I did not deserve it. Remind me over and over again of the value of the faith you have given me, and discipline me to develop and strengthen it. Amen.

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