John 1 = 2nd Genesis

Specific Text - John 1:1-14

John's gospel is different. We call the first three gospels the Synoptics, because they give a synopsis (like a snapshot) of different aspects of Jesus' life. They often have short dialogs surrounded by various details, and while Matthew, Mark & Luke often provide different details from one another, they also have many similarities. You can see the difference between John and they synoptics right here at the beginning (no pun intended...).

John's Christmas story has no shepherds out in the field or manger scene with a tiny baby. Instead, John keys in on the broader implications of Christmas: the stunning revelation that God Himself had become flesh and came to live amongst us! And even more, in doing so He gave those who believed in His Name the right to become His children.

As we study this amazing gospel over these next few weeks, I want you to do your best to read the whole chapter each day, but then just pick one or two sentences to really key in on. Then keep focusing on those sentences for the following day, turning the phrase over and over in your head.

My suggestion for today are the first three verses... some of the most profound words ever written.

  • In the beginning - the New Testament starts with the exact same words as the Old. The gospel of Jesus Christ was God's plan right from the start!

  • was the Word - What an amazing was to describe Jesus: Logos. Not only was He born a helpless little child, but He was the logic behind the entire universe!

  • and the Word was with God and the Word was God - How can both of these statements be true at the same time?! God is so much bigger than you and I can even conceive in our minds!

  • He was with God in the beginning. - There was never a moment where the Logos was not. He has always been.

  • Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. - Jesus was right there with God as the universe was formed. In fact, all things were made through Jesus! It all makes sense - God spoke creation into existence, and Jesus is the Word!

These verses are ones every Christian ought to have memorized. Really work on this today if you're reading this in the morning or tomorrow if it's the evening. As you work, play ball, or just hang out, turn down the distractions (music, TV, whatever else) and just keep running these words through your mind throughout the day.

Prayer For The Day - Dear Father in Heaven; thank you for these words which remind me how profound Jesus is. I can look to Him as my friend and guide, but help to remember that Jesus is God, that He is the very logic of the universe. Help me to live in a way that's worthy of being a child of God. Amen.

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