It's just that easy!

The widow in the gospels brought two small copper coins for her offering. The early church members sold their property and placed the proceeds at the apostles' feet when there was a need. In the middle ages, people brought chickens and produce for an offering.

The point is that as society changes, so does the way God's people give their tithes and offerings.

Nowadays we write a check or bring cash.

Except for the people who no longer use checks.

Or cash.

The way many people pay for things and manage their money has changed lately, so like many other churches, Sunnyside CRC needs to add new ways for members to share their gifts.

This video shows how easy it is to give to Sunnyside CRC online. You can even set up recurring gifts!

The link for online giving is located on our home page, or you can always go directly to

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