If only

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Today's Chapter: Luke 19

Specific Text: Luke 19:37-44

It's one of the saddest phrases in life: if only. If only Russell Wilson would have handed the ball to Marshawn Lynch in the Super Bowl instead of passing it on the last play. If only you would have said something to that girl you like instead of letting her just walk by. If only you would have studied for your chemistry test. If only you would have done this, or said that, or noticed something else. We've all experienced the regret of a lost opportunity.

The city of Jerusalem would experience the awful destruction Jesus mentions in verse 44 about thirty years after His death and resurrection. Yet at this moment, they have the possibility of peace standing right there and they missed it. If only, Jesus says in v42, if only they had known what would bring them peace.

What about you? Experiencing the peace of Jesus in your life will not solve every problem you encounter or spare you from all of life's pain, but there would be nothing worse than getting to the end of your life and thinking if only I had know the peace of Jesus sooner.

Jesus is standing at your door and knocking right now, inviting you to experience His peace. You experience by participating in the Spiritual disciplines He's given us: going to church often, reading His Word, spending time in prayer, devotions, and encouraging our friends to do the same.

Don't miss this opportunity. Don't be the person who gets to the end of life and says 'if only.'

Prayer For The Day: Thank you Jesus for being the peace of the world. I want to experience your peace in my life as much as possible. Thank you for all the ways I can experience it - at church, youth group, reading your Word, being surrounded by other Christians, on and on. Please use these things so I can experience and then share your peace. Amen.

Discussion Starter: Use your group DM to encourage somebody in your class who has not been participating in these devotions or discussions to do so.

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