How many Dutchmen does it take to install a cabinet?

As it turns out, three. Leroy Werkhoven, Ed Werkhoven and Dennis Kaptein work to install the new cabinets in the hallway between the kitchen and the multipurpose room.

The four new cabinets were custom designed and built in the SCHS shop next door and were installed in order to provide more storage space in the kitchen for dry goods and to help accommodate the new Sunnyside Christian Child Care Center scheduled to open in a few weeks.

The cabinet project is one of several going on, including a new fence to expand the play area on the north side of the church, some new flooring and lots of other small improvements. A 'guesstimate' was provided before construction for the cost of the materials, and the actual cost came within 40 cents of the initial estimate!

New cabinets being installed in the hallway between the kitchen and multipurpose room

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