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Leah Eddie instructs employees on farm safety

We have been blessed with a beautiful building, and it accommodates our church ministries very well, and it gets used by us primarily on Sundays and Wednesdays.

But it's available all week long, and it makes a great venue for your next business or community function.

Leah Eddie has utilized it a couple of times now for training events for their farm, as well as neighboring operations. They've had first aid training here and most recently an L&I safety class. Our facilities work out great for this, so it benefits them, and it's a great way to get people who may never otherwise darken the door of a church into our building and familiar with who we are.

The day before, this same room was full of ladies making quilts. Quite often during the cold foggy days of winter, people come here to walk for exercise. Different community groups have met here, often sitting around the cafe tables next to the windows in our foyer. We host plays, concerts, and of course are home to Sunnyside Christian Childcare Center.

We want our building used and to be filled with people as much as possible. The next time you have a need for a group meeting, large or small, give the office a call and we'll get something arranged!

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