Enhance your prayer life with an app

Many think that being a pastor means that we automatically have a great prayer life. But just like I need text message reminders to help me remember to read my Bible each day, I need reminders to take time to pray.

This is why I want to share this great app called PrayerMate. It reminds me pray for specific things each day - my family (I put each one in by name) and specific needs for our church, which are automatically updated frequently. Interspersed with these needs are ways for me to align my life with God's will by praying through various scripture verses.

Here's how to get this free app:

Step 1. Get the free PrayerMate app on iOS or Android

Apple App Store

Google Play

Amazon Appstore

Step 2. Subscribe to Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church

  • After installing the PrayerMate app, just go to the following link on your mobile device:


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