Luke 24: Do you have anything to eat?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Today's Chapter: Luke 24

Specific Text: Luke 24:36-49

This chapter tells of the most amazing thing that has ever happened in history - Jesus raising Himself from the dead. One of the most incredible things that happened in the 20th century is Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, and Neil put an exclamation point on that moment with his famous speech, "That's one small step for man..."

It's a mic drop moment.

Jesus should appear back in the room with the huddled disciples, heavenly trumpets sounding in the background and say, "I'm back. Boom."

But He doesn't.

Instead, His first words to the disciples, in this historic, dramatic time, are "Do you have anything here to eat?" Seriously? You've just conquered Satan, death, and redeemed millions of people, and all you can think of to say is "what is there to eat?"

What a typical guy.

And that's the whole amazing point. Guy's are always hungry. Always. Especially young guys, which is really what Jesus was. With this simply profound statement, Jesus uttered a TON of theology. What He was saying is that He is just a regular guy, and like a regular guy, He's hungry. He shares our flesh, our nature, our wants & desires, and He knows exactly what we are all going through.

Well, He's mostly a regular guy. Except for the fact that He was not born into sin like the rest of us. Except for the fact that He lived a perfectly righteous life. Except for the fact that atoned (paid) for every sin His people committed. Except for the fact that through Him, all those who confess His name can participate in the divine nature and experience eternal life in His Kingdom.

Jesus wants way more than a piece of broiled fish. He loves you so much that He became like you, and He wants you now to live for Him.

Prayer For The Day: Dear Father in heaven, thank you so much for sending your son to take on my nature, to pay for my sins, and to make me at one with you. Help me every day to live more and more like Jesus. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Discussion Starter: What do you think Jesus' mic drop statement should have been in v41?

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