1 Cor. 5 - Cut if Off

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Today's Chapter: 1 Corinthians 5

Specific Text: 1 Corinthians 5:11-13

Nobody goes to the hospital because they want to get sick or become even sicker than what they already are. This is why hospitals work so hard to keep everything clean, so that infections and bacterias brought in by hundreds of sick patients do not spread.

One such bacteria floating around hospitals, nursing homes and even high school locker rooms (!!) is called MRSA. This flesh eating bacteria is resistant to antibiotics and is very hard, and sometimes impossible, to kill. In rare cases, a patient with uncontrollable MRSA in his arms or legs faces a difficult choice: cut off the infected limb or let their entire body become filled with MRSA.

The Corinthian church was in a similar predicament. A member was very publicly participating in an ugly sexual sin, and was refusing to repent. Paul didn't mince words: Get rid of him... Now. Seems harsh.

But Paul knew how serious this was. This man's sin would quickly infect the entire church, and the effects could be fatal. The choice was clear: if the man remained in the church, he would drag down the entire congregation.

We've been seeing in the book of Corinthians that there is a time and place where Christians ought to be judgmental - not in applying our own opinion, but in our application of God's Word. It's really easy to be judgmental towards the people in the world, after all it seems to be getting worse and worse out there. But Paul points our focus away from the world, and turns it inward - on ourselves - those inside the church. We have a responsibility to keep the church pure, and that means making tough decisions when necessary.

You need to remain vigilant in examining your own life and the lives of your fellow church members, much more than the generations who came before you since sin is becoming so much more pervasive in our culture. The choice is clear: you've been set free from the slavery of sin, so do not let it creep back into your life.

Prayer For The Day: Lord God, thank you so much for putting me into fellowship with people who love me and who love you - your Church. Thank you they are looking out for me, and help me to help build them up as well. Keep me and my church free from the deadly infectious sin.

Discussion Starter: How is Paul's advice different than what our society would say about this situation Paul was responding to?

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