Billion Dollar Industry?

The 'Calm' app is the latest craze for achieving "mindfulness."

I just read an interesting article about how a new app designed to calm people through meditation and mindfulness which has just achieved a BILLION dollar valuation.

Meditation and mindfulness are not bad things in and of themselves, but far too often 'spiritual directors' counsel their clients to look within themselves to achieve the peace that people crave so badly.

Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church exists for people to experience the peace of Jesus Christ. Rather than looking deep within yourself for a wholesomeness that is not there, the peace of Jesus if found when you realize that you belong body and soul, in life and in death, to your faithful Savior Jesus Christ. He has set you free from the tyranny of sin, and watches over you, and is working all things together for your salvation.

God has a design you must follow to experience this peace, and it is very simple:

  • Spend time each week in God's house, hearing His Word proclaimed and responding in worship;

  • Participate in His sacraments - practices that visibly and tangibly remind you that Jesus is your perfect savior;

  • Surround yourself with other Christians as together you work to become His disciple - a person who looks more and more like Jesus in every area of your life as you do things like meditate on His Word each day - a far different experience than looking for that elusive inner calm.

The Church is not just some here today, gone tomorrow tech startup 'unicorn.' God has blessed this way of experiencing peace for over 2,000 years now.

You don't need to subscribe to an app to find calmness. Experience the Peace of Jesus Christ at Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church.

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