A heavenly court. A sinister accuser. A devastating blow...

...the counsel of friends, the Voice from the whirlwind.

The book of Job is a classic, but also an enigma. It seems to promise an answer to suffering, but then eludes our expectations. If ever a book needed a "How to Read" instruction manual, it is the book of Job.

This Saturday, respected Old Testament Professor Dr. John Walton will be in Sunnyside for the third annual Discern Conference, sponsored by the Ezra Bible Institute. Walton has written several books & commentaries on Job, and is an excellent speaker. There will be time afterwards for questions and answers.

Your registration includes an awesome pulled pork lunch prepared by the Bad Boys of BBQ.

Each year the Discern Conference gets bigger and better. Don't miss out. Get registered right now - Discern2019.org!

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