Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Today's Chapter: Luke 17

Specific Text: Luke 17:11-19

We've all done it. Somebody did something extra nice for us: made us snacks, gave us a ride, picked up after us, etc. We came flying into the room, grabbed our snack and went on to the next thing like a flash. We never said thanks.

The lepers in today's Bible reading exhibited tremendous faith. They knew that only Jesus could heal them. They trusted Jesus, and He healed their leprosy.

In a way, you're similar to those lepers. You've exhibited faith in your life as well. You know that only Jesus can save you. You trust in Him, and He has paid for your sins and given you His righteousness for your own.

Only one of the healed lepers came back to thank Jesus. Jesus wondered why only one came back "to give praise to God..." Do you see the connection there? The way you are to thank Jesus is by praising Him! That's the expectation He has of you. He gave everything to redeem you, and in return He expects you to praise Him in all you do.

Prayer for the day: Father God, thank you so much for saving me from sin. Help me to remember to thank you every day. May your praise always be on my lips.

Discussion Starter: Singing is definitely a way to praise God, but true praise involves so much more than just singing or music. Suggest ways to the group that we can praise God either together or as individuals in the next few days. If you can't think of something, ask for help. At least let your friends know you're reading your devotions and encourage other to do the same.

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