5x5 Bible Reading Program

Arguably the most influential document ever written, Paul's letter to the Romans has changed lives for over 2,000 years, and it's the next book we turn to in our year long 5x5 Bible Reading Program.

Because it is so important that Christians understand what is taught in this letter, we have added some new features as we read through this book together.

  • Daily 2 Minute Overview Videos - Start your reading time with these short videos to help give structure to each of the chapter. Each day's video will cover several of the key verses in the chapter and give a brief explanation of the overall theme and logic of what Paul is writing.

  • Expanded Suggestions for Digging Deeper - Every day, a few questions to consider and insights to ponder will be posted that will help you apply the truths this letter contains to every aspect of your life.

  • Discussion Forum - Most of the ideas and concepts Paul writes about can be quickly understood, especially with the resources and links posted for each chapter, however, each chapter also includes things that can be hard to grasp and come to grips with on your own. You will have questions - if you're wondering about something, chances are lots of others are as well. Don't be shy... post your questions and insights you've learned or been reminded of in the moderated discussion forum.

  • As always, you can sign up to receive a daily text reminder (choose either morning or evening). During our time in Romans, each text will include a link to the videos and Dig Deeper suggestions that are formatted for your phone.

Reading a chapter a day has been a big blessing to those who are participating in this program. Jump on board - you'll be glad you did!

5x5 Bible Reading Program

5 Minutes a day / 5 Days a week =

Entire New Testament in 1 Year



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